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My Selftape App Android Camera Closing - Affected Devices

Believe it or not, there are over 14,000 different Android devices out in the world. All with different cameras, specifications and OS versions. As you can imagine this makes it impossible to ensure a smooth recording experience across all Android devices.
We have set up our coding to work with the vast majority of devices but unfortunately, we cannot support all 14,000 devices. Should you wish for more info on this issue, we'd be happy to provide it. Just reach out to us via the Support Request Form on the FAQ/SUPPORT page.
Below is a list of known Android devices that are not compatible with My Selftape App
Samsung Galaxy Note10+
LG X Power
If your device is not listed above and you have issues with the camera closing please inform us via the below form.

My Selftape App Android Camera Closing - Report Form

Please use this form to report issues related only to the camera closing on Android Devices
For all other support issues please use the Support Request Form on the FAQ/SUPPORT page
Please ensure you are running version or above
You can find the version number on the bottom of the loading screen when you first open My Selftape App
You can also find it on the "About App" section on the My Selftape App page on Google Play

Thanks for submitting your information. It really helps us to solve issues. We will be in touch should we require further information.