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My Selftape App is designed by an actor and is the world’s first all-in-one mobile solution to selftaping. My Selftape App was created to make selftaping easy, portable, and inexpensive. Features include: in-app actor profile for easy project creation, electronic slating, HD recording, editing capabilities, file compression/encoding, and emailing of final selftape to as many parties as you require. My Selftape App was developed by Apps For Actors Inc.



Apps for Actors is a company committed to the empowerment of the actor through technology. Actors today are faced with the burden and challenge of ever changing and evolving technologies. Apps for Actors goal is to identify those changes and respond to it with Apps that will simplify the actors challenge and give them the edge by designing and creating apps that respond to that challenge. My Selftape App is Apps For Actors debut application.


Apps For Actors Inc. was founded by Actor/Entrepreneur David Guthrie and Acting Coach/Director Lewis Baumander.




Owner: Lewis Baumander

Former General Manager: David Guthrie


Casting Central Inc. offers a friendly, professional atmosphere with 5 studios, each equipped with sophisticated digital equipment perfect for Self-tapes and Casting for Commercials, Film/TV and Theatre.


Casting Central’s studios are fitted for Internet Ready Casting. Casting sessions can be recorded and uploaded simultaneously to the Cloud via Breakdown Express or Casting Workbook using an All-In-One Custom Built Program. Additionally, after session uploads can be done to other casting sites such as Cast It or Now Casting.


Need to stream your session? Not a problem! Casting Central offers Live Streaming via Skype.


Additional Casting Central services include Actor Workshops and Training and Off-Site Location Recording.  


For more information about Casting Central visit

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