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Submit a Selftape during the month of February 2018 for FREE written feedback from one of Canada's prominent Acting Coaches

Lewis Baumander

Acting Coach

Founder of LB Acting Studio

Owner of Casting Central Inc.

Owner of Casting Central Film Studio

To take advantage of this great opportunity, simply record a selftape using My Selftape App and submit it to us in one of the following ways:

OPTION 1: Add us as a recipient

Simply add the email address PROMO HAS ENDED as a recipient when sending your selftape


OPTION 2: Send us your Download Link Email

Your profile email will be CC'd on the Download Link Email. Please forward it to PROMO HAS ENDED

OPTION 3: Submit via the Promo Form

PROMO HAS ENDED to open the form



Selftapes sent with My Selftape App during the month of February 2018 and submitted via one of the methods above will be reviewed by Acting Coach Lewis Baumander who will prepare personalized written feedback on your selftape.


Your feedback will be sent to you within one week from when your selftape was received.*


You may submit a selftape from a current project and/or you may create a new selftape specifically for this promotion.


Your selftape should be 3 minutes or less.





  • To be eligible for the free written feedback your selftape must have been sent via My Selftape App between PROMO HAS ENDED (the promotion period) and submitted via one of the submission methods no later than PROMO HAS ENDED (submission deadline).

  • Written feedback will be sent to the email address from which the submission was received.

  • You may submit a previously recorded selftape but it must be resent via My Selftape App during the promotion period and submitted via one of the submission methods.

  • Your selftape must be 3 minutes or less. If your selftape is longer, only the first scene and/or the first 3 minutes will be viewed.

  • The 'Promo Form' will be deactivated on PROMO HAS ENDED. All information must be submitted before the submission deadline.

  • The promotion is open to residents of all countries across the world.

  • All submissions must be in English.

  • There is no limit placed on the number of selftapes each actor can be submit.

  • There is no entry fee to submit to the promotion. However, 1 in-app "Ticket" must be redeemed for each selftape sent through My Selftape App. Go to the Box Office section of My Selftape App for pricing of Tickets. Upon initially downloading of My Selftape App, 1 Free Ticket is issued to the device.

  • There is no role being offered as part of the promotion. The feedback from Lewis Baumander is simply for educational purposes.


* This timeframe is our goal. It may take longer than one week depending on how many selftapes are submitted.

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